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Mathematics is the thread that ties life together. Whether it is the calculation of miles per gallon for the car, your income tax return and (hopefully) a refund, your cash back bonus, the cost of fertilizer per acre or an engineering application, we all use and need math. It is imperative for everyone to understand the basics of math and to be able to solve problems. It is my goal to make math a language that students can understand and can use.

The links page has direct links to web-sites for tutorial help. Please encourage your student to use these links for additional help. Academy High School has also made available a web-site named Study Island where each student can log in and access a variety of information and practice work to prepare for classes and for End Of Course testing along with other standardized testing such as AP Exams, ACT and SAT.

Each of my courses has resources, assignment sheets, notes, and other information specific to that course. Please access these courses for this information.