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Academy High School Supplies

Academy High School uses a common supply list.  Please make sure your student has the following supplies for the entire school year.  Students/Parents will be notified throughout the year if there is an added need for school projects, student shortages, etc...  If you have trouble obtaining these supplies, please notify the office for assistance.


All student supply list

red pens

blue/black pens

subject dividers

loose-leaf notebook paper

spiral notebook for notes for each academic class

2 composition notebooks for ELA class

graph paper for math classes

2 composition notebooks for science

2 boxes of kleenex

3 ring binder for folders and papers

folder for each class

1 package of AAA batteries (if using school calculator)

Specialty Class supplies

Spanish/English dictionary for Spanish classes

Camera, 1 - 4 to 8 BG SD Card for photography class

1 - 4 to 8 GB SD Card for yearbook class

1 USB Flash Drive all computer classes

Can check out from the library or purchase your own

Calculator - TI - 30XIIS (Should cost less than $15 at Wal-mart)

Calculator - TI 84+ (Around $100 at local retailers)

Flash Drive (should cost around $10 or less at Wal-Mart or Staples)