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Please find the link below to your specific grade level.  You will fill out the google form and hit submit. 
Deadline to turn in: Friday, April 3rd.  
Remember to visit the AHS Planning Guide/Catalog for information and descriptions.
You will need to fill out the paperwork below and email completed forms to Ms. Contrucci: 
One form updated from the packet: 
Please download the Temple College Dual Credit Registration form.  It can be filled out electronically, saved and emailed to Ms. Contrucci. Make sure to indicate if you are looking to take the class online or face to face at TC.   The information needed can be found on the example in the packet. 
TSIA update:
Temple College is working on a plan for this test.  As we have more information, we will let you know. For now, please submit your registration form as your interest.
Dual Credit Payment Options from Temple College